Scrapbook Getaways was ‘born’ in 2009 after a colleague and I (Christine) saw an advert for craft retreats but it was well over our budget.  So, we decided to do our own………   .and the rest is history.................

Our first event was in Butlins in Bognor Regis where we got the event for under £100 1/2 board….…  1 advert and 2 weeks later we were fully booked and realised there was a call for this.

2010 saw us go to 4 hotels - which is where we go for our retreat which is over a 3-day period and not only did we have our regular ladies book, but at each event new people wanted to come and have a wonderful time

2011 saw loads of people come to 5 retreats and since then we have been to 16 different hotels and loved by everyone, not only our regulars but anyone who has come to their first craft retreat

So, what do we do? ........................WE don’t do classes or have anyone in to teach that is how we keep the costs down.  When you come you do your own projects - so if you think of a local daily crop ......times that by 3 plus a bit more. However, there are people who have a lot of knowledge of scrapbooking so there is always someone to ask for help and get hints and tips.

We meet new people, make friends, network and have fun with having games (craft bingo or a craft quiz) and in past events, we used to run raffles (towards local charities that Scrapbook Getaways supported

Unfortunately 9 years later we are unable to get the cost of an event for under £100, but that hasn’t stopped any of the ladies from coming.

We have just 1 venue left for 2018 (and booking fast) and for 2019 we have 3 planned already and bookings already are coming in - 1 venue nearly sold out

So come and join us have a weekend away crafting and

 it doesn’t have to be scrapbooking   all crafter's are welcome.

It’s a place to come to relax, have fun and craft away without any disturbance from

family, animals, the phone etc……..

And crafting up to 24/7 is loved by everyone

(yes you can craft at night if you can’t sleep)


Our saying is.......................” Come as a stranger.............leave as a friend”

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