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You must use the crop room during your stay. The reason we get discounted prices is because we do a group booking to include the use of the conference room.   Anyone found not using the crop room at all during their stay will be charged an extra fee.  Non scrapbookers accompanying you do not come under this rule.

 You must book and pay in advance.  Anyone turning up without paying will not be allowed to join us.

Any cancellations must be made in writing.  Refunds will only be given if we can fill your place.

 £50 deposit is non-refundable unless we cancel the event.  If you cannot come due to an emergency, please tell us as soon as possible.

Only Non scrapbookers who have paid to stay with you can come into the crop room to see what you are doing. No children under 14 please.  We ask if you wish to meet friends/family who are not staying with you, to meet away from the crop room.  Thank you.

You must contact Scrapbook Getaways not the venue to book your place, also any questions you may have should be sent to us.

Dates, Venues and Prices can change at short notice.  Should you have already booked, you will be contacted as soon as possible.

We have the right to refuse a booking as we see fit.

We have the right to ask someone to leave if they are being rude or making the event uncomfortable for others.


All electrical equipment you plan on using in the craft room must be PAT tested, this includes lights, laptops, Cricut machines, heat guns etc.  Mobile phone chargers do not need to be tested.  For more information please contact us.  All items must display a valid PAT sticker.  Anything that does not, will not be allowed to be used.  We have been asked to do this for safety reasons the hotels.

Please contact us if you wish to bring any other large electrical equipment, as space is limited per person and you will not necessarily have access to electrical sockets.  By contacting us we can advise you on if the equipment you wish to bring will be allowed and if we can find room for you.

You may bring with you any small electrical craft equipment with you, for example heat guns, small cutting or embossing machines, anything small that uses electric and we will try to have sockets available for you, but you may have to share.

Please remember that your equipment is not covered by our insurance.

Anyone turning up with large machines without prior notice, will not be allowed to use their machines, please state on your booking form if you are bringing any equipment


Due to Health and Safety regulations we cannot allow you to bring extension cables into the crop room  Either the hotel or ourselves will supply them, but please note these will be limited.  We have had to cut down on the amount of power we use due to overloading some hotel power supplies.

The area around your work space must be kept clear always, bags and other belongings must be kept safely underneath tables or in your room.

Cables, handles and other items should not be left hanging over the edge of tables.

When leaving the room, make sure all electrical equipment is turned off and that nothing is balancing on the edge of your table.

Your personal safety and that of any items you bring with you, are your own responsibility.

Although the crop room is locked (depending on the venue) when no one is using the room, it will be open at all other times, unless otherwise stated.  This can change at each venue, please check with us.

We cannot guarantee the safety of any equipment you bring with you.

If you allow others to use your equipment, it is your responsibility to deal with any problems that may arise.

The use of company equipment is covered in our insurance, but your equipment is not.

We expect you to use any equipment in a safe and sensible manor.

We hold the right to refuse the usage of any equipment at any time.

If at anytime you are going to be leaving the hotel please let us know this is in case there is a fire and the hotel won’t have to look for you

These terms and conditions can change without prior notice.

Please check back regularly.

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